Open OK Dinghy World Championships 2015
24 July - 1 August 2015. Puck, Poland



There are all kinds of accommodation available in Puck, within walking distance from the marina.

Most competitors will probably choose the SPORTHOTEL which offers comfortable rooms at reasonable prices. It is just 200 meters from your boat, serves breakfast and even has a sauna and a gym in case your legs are not sore enough after the racing.

If you are after a very comfortable, multi-room apartment in a brand new condo, and prepared to pay EUR 60-90 per night you should write to

There are also fully-furnished apartments for rent, including KLEMENS and WILLA PUCK which only opened last year and charge less than EUR 50 per night

In the <EUR 10 range, you can stay in a studio which usually comprises an en suite with kitchen access. The best is run by Sylwia Ploska but there are many others.

CAMPING will be available from 23/7 till 2/8. At registration, we will charge EUR 15 (PLN 60) per tent/car/camper-van for the whole event. Power will be available on site. Washrooms and toilets will will be open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Porta-loos will be installed too. The site will be secured but please take normal precautions when leaving your valuables.

Webcam and current weather

Current weather (on the sea coast, 20 kms NW of Puck)

Current weather (across the the Bay from Puck)