Open OK Dinghy World Championships 2015
24 July - 1 August 2015. Puck, Poland

Social Events Schedule

Sunday, 26 July, 18:45.   Opening ceremony and function.

Gate to the Marina

Monday, 27 July, 18:00 OKDIA Annual General Meeting


Tuesday, 28 July, 19:00 Mount Gay evening (Barbados Presentation)


Thursday, 30 July, 19:00  Outdoor event


We are going to meet at the gate at 19.00, get in two coaches and drive 6 km to a horse-farm in Rzucewo.

There will be hostesses who will organize various competitions for us (driving old tractors, horse-shoe throwing, hay bale pushing, etc.) 


The event is sponsored by a BREWERY and there will be some simple food provided as well.

Afterwards the coaches will take us back to the marina.


Saturday, 1 August, 20:00  Official Presentation Function